Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power Based Life book review

I was generously provided with a copy of this book from in exchange for a blog review. The opinions expressed hereafter are expressly my own.
When I first cracked into this book I was hoping it wasn’t going to be one of those feel good about yourself pep talk books. The world if full of those already and I  have had quite enough of that. But I was pleasantly surprised, It is chalked with fantastic bible scripture as well as real life examples of people who have lived it, love it and made it work for them. One of my favorite examples is of Vince Lombardi who had football practice scheduled the same time as the first lunar moon walk. The front office suggested that he push practice back a bit so the players could watch it. He responded by saying “Won’t do it, It wont help those astronauts to have us sitting around watching them, and them walking around up on the moon won’t help make us better football players.”
Love this and use it a lot to remind me of my personal goals! I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to pass it along to my family and friends.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!